Our Intensive Team is designed for more than just competition. Team students learn how to be a good team member and all that goes with that such as; responsibility, accountability, encouraging their classmates, school role models, good performers and competing gracefully (winning and losing).

We offer a team-oriented program for the more serious dancer. Our dance team performs in local parades, nursing homes and social events. Students participate in competitions and conventions. Teacher referral is required to audition for Team. Team students are required to take team classes 2 days per week for Jr & Sr’s (Wed. & Thurs. with optional Mondays) and 1 day per week for our Tiny (Saturday). *New this season: Jr & Sr students may opt out of Ballet and Jazz requirements and take 2 Tap classes. They will only compete in Tap. The additional Tap class is Monday 6:05pm.

TEAM TIME: Jr & Sr Team attends mandatory class Thurs. 7:55-8:10pm at no charge with Miss Gracie. This is a student-led, social and emotional learning program of team-bonding/trust building activities inspiring students to be more empathetic, courageous and inclusive young leaders. Students will gain selfconfidence and recognize their unique strengths promoting genuine resiliency. We’re passionate about building great adults not just great dancers. Occasionally we use this block of time for rehearsal.

TEAM FEE: This changes annually depending if we do a new production dance: $75 on the year we do not learn a new production routine and $150 on the year we learn a new production routine which includes costume. Productions are performed for 2 seasons. Occasionally, Choreographers will add a special dance on a non-production year and a minimal costume fee is required. Ex. Lyrical

>Researching and purchasing music - spending hours online and in stores finding the right music for each routine.

>Editing music - this can take hours PER SONG. Recording each routine on two tapes or cd’s (one for a back up) and also an additional one to practice with. Each tape must be labeled and cued. After each competition, all 30 tapes must me rewound and relabeled for the next competitions info.

>Choosing costumes - looking through dozens of books and trying to pick something unique for each class. Usually adding appliqués and rhinestones by hand to make the costumes look even better. Hoping all will like our choices

>Researching competitions spending hours online and the phone finding a competition that’s right for us.

>Filling out entry forms - reading rules for each competition (each one is different), making sure each dance follows the guidelines for that competition for time limits, style of dance, etc. Each entry form must have EVERY student’s name and birth date, and ages must be averaged. Typing notices to keep parents and team members informed.

>After each competition - critiquing each comment tape (there’s 3 to 4 for each routine). That’s over 100 tapes per competition and analyzing how to improve our dances for next time.

>Teacher’s transportation to and from competition. Sometimes requiring overnight stay in a hotel because the teacher needs to be at the competition all three days from morning until night.

>Payroll for another instructor to cover classes because the teacher is at competition.

Please contact Miss Tanya with any questions. 781-326-1565 or [email protected]